50 Random Bits of Trivia About Me

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The Basics

  1. My name is frequently misspelled/mispronounced.
  2. I am a total night owl and would love to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. I feel more creative late at night and it’s always a struggle for me to get to bed before midnight. This is not a good thing since my kids enjoy early mornings and rarely sleep past 6:30.
  3. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Not so much the day, but the excitement leading up to it. I start listening to Christmas Music in October.
  4. I rarely wear pants. I find them terribly confining. Dresses/skirts are comfortable, versatile, and motivating.
  5. Oddly, I feel most comfortable in high heels. I’ve worn heels since I was 15. I vividly remember my first pair of heels. They were an old gray pair my mom had and I felt so grown up wearing them. I haven’t looked back since and even wore them (with much criticism) while touring Europe.
  6. I’d rather have something useful as a gift than something sparkly or sentimental. Don’t get me wrong, I love both sparkly and sentimental but if given a choice, I’d rather have something that makes life easier than something aesthetic.
  7. I’m a “rule follower”.
  8. Once I was told by a co-worker early in my “working days” to say “My Pleasure!” when thanked because it is the only genuine response. She told me, “‘You’re welcome’ implies entitlement. ‘No problem’ implies inconvenience. ‘My pleasure’ implies service.” I never forgot it and it is my standard response.
  9. My brain is a powerhouse for useless trivia. I struggle to remember facts for exams or anything “useful” but I can remember random trivia. It’s served me well as a caregiver given the questions my MIL often asks.
  10. When I was born, my brain was so large that some of it “leaked” into my spine causing a spinal fluid blockage. It was corrected in two surgeries when I was 25. I guess you could say I had a big head.


  1. My favorite color is a deep amethyst. Second is royal blue. Third is emerald.
  2. I’ve never enjoyed swimming.
  3. I despise TV Talent Shows.
  4. When bragging about my purchases, I prefer to brag about how little I actually spent on it and what a good deal I found rather than how expensive it was. Shopping used makes me happy.
  5. Birthday parties are a waste. I’d rather spend money on experiences my family won’t forget with maybe one or two close friends instead of on a giant party for dozens that will be forgotten.
  6. I don’t really like deserts. If given a choice, I would pick something light and fruity or a plain vanilla.
  7. I love to decorate and play “designer”. I have a talent for copying other’s decorating but very little talent for dreaming it up myself.
  8. My favorite movie of all time is De-Lovely with Kevin Kline. It’s the story of Cole Porter and includes some of my favorite songs.
  9. My favorite musicals are the Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy musicals of the 1930s. Cheesy, I know.
  10. Mario Lanza is dreamy. Look him up and listen to him sing. You’ll swoon.
  11. My favorite, still-living singer is David Phelps. (A fellow Baylor Grad!)

My Triggers

  1. Cleaning is a stress reliever for me. People compliment my clean home all the time but it’s really just an indication of how stressed I am at any given time. If I’m cleaning, you know I’m stressed.
  2. Clutter stresses me out. I don’t like piles of “things” or junk drawers. Everything should have its place and be organized.
  3. An abundance of wood decor is a huge trigger for my anxiety. I don’t like log cabins, wooden beams, wood paneling, or rooms with a lot of stained or unfinished wood.
  4. I have never been able to live alone. People, especially family, motivates me. I get lazy and complacent when I’m alone.
  5. My worst fear is being judged wrongly.


  1. My dad is an Air Traffic Controller but I didn’t fly in an airplane until I was 20.
  2. Three months before I met my husband, I had a dream about marrying a large man with a beard. I reached out to my husband after randomly meeting him, partly because he looked like the man in my dream.
  3. I actually saw my husband at a Christmas concert I was singing at a full year before I met him. I remember noticing him taking pictures of the event and finding him handsome but talked myself out of approaching him because surely he was already taken.

School & Work

  1. My first trip away from home by myself was to Disney World with friends from college.
  2. My dream career in high school was to be a writer. I chose music because it was what I knew the most about.
  3. Before college, I had never been in a “public” school. I was homeschooled from Kindergarten until I graduated high school.
  4. After being homeschooled since Kindergarten, I graduated high school at 16.
  5. Ever since I went to music camp, I always dreamed of attending Baylor University. My Mom got a job there so my tuition would be free. A big deal for a private school.
  6. I can sing in almost any language but I can’t speak well in any other language. My diction is horrible.
  7. I don’t like my voice, singing or speaking. I find it annoying.
  8. In college, I majored in Church Music with a vocal emphasis. I only tried out for the voice program after being accepted into the piano program. After playing the piano for 15 years, I wanted to try something new and was curious. I was accepted and chose voice.
  9. I shook hands with Queen Elizabeth II when I worked at the British Embassy in Washington DC.
  10. After the Embassy, I came back to Texas and worked nights at the Baylor University Library.
  11. My favorite job outside the home was as a church secretary.

Passions and Quirks

  1. I have a passion for classic movies, particularly musicals and spent a lot of time researching them in college.
  2. I know basically nothing about any kind of sport. My grandparents tried to get me interested in baseball when I was younger but I just see no point in a bunch of grown people playing games for a living. Ironically I don’t have a problem with the arts which, when you think about it is just another form of playing games for a living.
  3. Politics are not interesting to me and make me sad. Can’t we all just get along and do the right things?
  4. I’m obsessed with productivity and planning. My mom says I spend more time planning than actually doing. What can I say? Planning makes me feel more prepared.
  5. Some of my best ideas come to me while taking a shower. Sadly, most of those ideas are forgotten when I dry off.
  6. I love to cook and it is a great creative outlet for me. I’m not a big baker though. It’s weird. You wouldn’t think there would be that much difference but I enjoy making a meal but I find baking to be a waste of time and resources.
  7. Vacations are stressful unless I’m by myself or with someone who is “in charge” of everything from the itinerary to the finances.
  8. I have to be “in the mood” for fiction. If I’m going to take the time to watch or read something I want it to be of some use or historical significance. I’ve tried to get back into reading my fiction – mysteries, fantasy, historical romance – but I can’t seem to convince myself to spend time on them.
  9. I did not watch or read Harry Potter until the fourth book was out. I only bought them because I was in London and felt peer pressure.
  10. Another obsession of mine is British Royalty.

So, there you have it! 50 seemingly random things about me that make me who I am today. I’d love to learn more about you. Send me an email at [email protected] and let’s get to know each other!

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