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In the Ultimate Caregiver Planner you’ll discover:

  • An Essential Checklist for Moving an Aging Parent to help you stay on track
  • Editable Information Sheet for easy reference
  • Worksheet to help you rediscover your parent’s likes and dislikes
  • Calendar for planning out weekly activities
  • Address Page to help your parent keep in touch with family and friends
  • Chart for your parent’s medical conditions and symptoms as well as their treating physicians and medications
  • Address page for doctors and specialists
  • Appointment Notes page to help you keep track of doctor’s visits
  • Insurance Information page for easy reference
  • A page to work through your parent’s budget and expenses
  • Account Information page to keep track of bank information
  • Address page for Financial Professionals
  • Page to record any disabilities your parent has and how they will be accommodated
  • Vision Board to help you plan out and decorate your parent’s new space
  • Worksheet to help establish rules and boundaries
  • Postcards to send to family and friends letting them know your parent has moved and where they can be contacted
  • Worksheets to guide you through a Family Meeting and Agreement
  • Home Caregiver responsibility tracker
  • Care Journal to help keep caregiving goals in mind and record changes in health and mood
  • Notes Page for any unique to you transitions and reminders
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