10 No-Fail Gifts for Someone with Dementia

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The holidays can be particularly trying when your loved one has Dementia. These 10 ideas for gifts for someone with Dementia make gift giving less stressful.

Giving gifts is hard especially when you are giving to someone with any kind of special need. Finding meaningful gifts for someone with Dementia presents an unusual challenge.

Dementia changes a person. The things your loved one once enjoyed now just bring them confusion and even emotional pain. What can you give to someone with Dementia?

What to Give Your Elderly Parents with Dementia Gift Ideas

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Picture Books

Picture books make the perfect gifts for someone with Dementia. The photos are large and the writing minimal. There is no stress about following a storyline. It gives them a focus, making conversation easier and more enjoyable for them. Find a book that shows pictures from their past or that details a hobby they once enjoyed.

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Umbra Hangit Photo Display

One of the best gifts for someone with Dementia is finding ways to keep their present in focus as much as possible. A great way to do that is keep pictures of family and close friends prominently displayed. A photo display such as this one allows you to change the pictures quickly and easily. With photo editing readily available, you can add names to the photos making recollection easier.

Digital Picture Frame

Hands down, one of the best gifts for someone with Dementia is a digital picture frame like the one we gave my MIL. Our family periodically sends me pictures and I download them directly from my phone. You can also scan old photos and add them. It takes very little space and rotates the photos on it’s own.

Memory Loss One Button Radio

Like most people with Dementia, my MIL has a deep connection with music. Unfortunately, as her Dementia has progressed she is finding traditional music players to be difficult to use. That makes the One Button Radio a great option for gifts for someone with Dementia. This box has the look of an “old fashioned” radio. You download digital copies of their favorite music from your computer. Volume controls are at the bottom of the machine so they can’t be tampered with. Set the volume to a comfortable level and you won’t have to worry about music blaring in the middle of the night. All they have to do to get the One Button Radio to play is press the button at the top to the player.

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A Photo Blanket

When thinking of gifts for someone with Dementia, their physical comfort is a great place to start. Like many elderly people, my MIL stays cold and loves blankets. What better way to keep her warm and keep her family’s faces at the front of her mind than a photo blanket? It is incredibly easy to create these very personal gifts. Just upload the photos and choose your design. Amazon has some great options.

Talking Photo Album

Photo albums are great gifts for someone with Dementia. They trigger memories and keep the faces of family and friends in their minds longer. As their disease progresses, our loved ones find the stories behind the pictures difficult to recall. What a better way to keep your loved one’s family and memories alive and relevant for them than with a photo album that talks. Each page has 18 seconds of record time (6 minutes for the total book) allowing you to recount a quick memory for each 5×7 photo displayed. Each page has it’s own pause/play button making it easy to flip through without confusing the photos.

Amazon Echo Show

We love our Amazon Echo and they make great gifts for someone with Dementia. Not only does it provide relief for the caregiver by answering my MIL’s almost constant and repetitive questions, but it is also a source of entertainment. The Echo Show has the added video functions which will allow your loved one to video chat with friends and family. You can access your security cameras, turn certain electronics on and off (no more remote for the TV!), play TV shows and movies, and announce reminders. It really is a must-have for any caregiver’s home and makes a great gift for your loved one.

TwiddleCat Therapy Aid

Gifts for someone with Dementia, particularly in the later stages often include dolls and other toys. This furry fidget toy is amazing for anyone with anxiety. It engages minds and hands with a variety of textures. It’s easy for them to take to appointments and on car rides and really works to keep anxiety at a minimum.

American Lifetime Day Clock

One of the gifts for someone with Dementia that my MIL uses throughout the day is the American Lifetime Day Clock. Not only does it give the time, but also the day of the week, whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening, or night, and the date. It’s perfect for helping your loved one feel more in control and giving them greater independence.

Weighted Blanket

To help your elderly loved one relax and stay calm, you must consider a weighted blanket when thinking of gifts for someone with Dementia. It mimics the sensation of being held and will soothe anxious minds by providing comfort and warmth. Wrap it around your loved one’s shoulders or lay it across their lap for calmer days or cover their body for a more peaceful night. It’s softness and security make it an excellent gift while also being a useful tool for the caregiver.

Other Gift Ideas

  • Scrapbooks: Keep their memories alive longer with pictures and short stories
  • Memory Boxes: Tangible bits of their past carefully placed in shadow boxes
    • the tools they would have used in their occupations, bonus if you have a picture of them working
    • keepsakes from their life
    • hobbies they once enjoyed
  • Treasure Boxes: Similar to the memory boxes, these treasure boxes include familiar things they can pick up and hold

Did you like this post? Do you have any no-fail gift ideas for your loved one with Dementia? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 gift ideas for your elderly parent with dementia

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  1. My Dad loves CDs of 50s music from when he was growing up. He wants to go for rides in the car so he can hear the music. We got him a cd player for the house, but because that never existed in their house pre-dementia, he wont accept it. So in the house we play 50s records, and in the car we play 50s cds. I love your idea of the photo display. I want to try that next month when I go to visit. We did get my Mom a digital photo frame, but we still need to teach her how to upload photos. When my folks visit me, they can be entertained for hours just watching the photos on ours. Thanks for your suggestions. Dementia is such a heart breaking and cruel disease. I am often overwhelmed by how many people know exactly what my family is going through and are so supportive.

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