Review: Simple Daily Respite Care Sheet

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Tara of MagpieMommaCreations is a longtime caregiver of her disabled veteran husband. Tara initially created these care sheets to better care for her husband. Now she is passionate about helping other caregivers. Her Etsy shop includes the Simple Daily Respite Care Sheet and she is looking forward to providing several other planners and printables in the near future.

As a caregiver, one of my biggest challenges was accepting help. I was certain no one was better equipped to take care of my MIL than I was. It didn’t matter who they were, how much training they had, how long they had known my MIL, no one could care for her according to my standards.

Daily Record Keeping Tool for Caregivers

When I finally did get to a place where I had no other options but to accept help, I required detailed reports about my MIL’s care. I wanted to know everything.

  • What she ate/drank
  • What activities she and her companion pursued
  • When and what medications were given
  • What were her bathroom trips like
  • Did she shower

There are so many uncertainties when you are a caregiver. The last thing I needed was to come home and have to guess whether my MIL had actually eaten or if she was just trying to manipulate her way to another meal.

Why You Need to Keep Daily Records

Caregivers take on almost all if not every aspect of another person’s life. A large part of our stress comes from just trying to remember it all.

  • Did I give morning meds?
  • When was the last shower?
  • Is it really constipation?

Questions like these and many more plague us every day. And that’s just when our caree is under our personal care.

Leaving our caree with someone else sends us to a whole new level of anxiety. Most caregiver service providers require their caregivers to make notes about their time. By using this care sheet, you are maintaining continuity within your records, ensuring your caree’s needs are met, and allowing you to better manage your team. Additionally, these daily care sheets provide certainty nothing is missed and your caree’s routines are maintained to your standards.

The Daily Care Sheets will also allow you to spot and handle any potential issues concerning the caregiver. For a while, I hired a private caregiver to help me out with my MIL. I felt really confident in this person until I realized that she was not following my MIL’s care plan. Had I required tracking on these care sheets I may have spotted these issues before they became a problem.

Even if you don’t currently use outside caregivers, you need these records.

  1. We make fewer mistakes, errors, and miscommunications with our caree’s specialists and physicians.
  2. They give us peace of mind that we are providing optimal care for our caree.
  3. They allow us to spot symptoms before they become an issue so we can better manage our caree’s treatment and care plans.
  4. It makes long-term treatment plans easier to maintain.

Long-distance Caregiving or Facility Care

Many of us have caree’s living a good distance away or in care facilities. The Daily Respite Care Sheet will also work well for you. If your caree still lives alone, having the Daily Respite Care Sheet for them to use will give them more independence while still allowing you to properly manage their care.

These can also be useful for those in care facilities. You will be able to work with the nurses and CNAs to track your caree’s health and wellness

Details of Simple Daily Respite Care Sheet

The Simple Daily Respite Care Sheet is beautifully designed. It’s very easy to use and reference as needed. The color coding also allows multiple record-keeping options.

When you order your Simple Daily Respite Care Sheet you will receive a digital file allowing you to print as frequently as needed. I recommend that you keep your sheets in a 3-ring binder. There are three different colors allowing easier tracking. You can assign a different color for a different day or assign each caregiver their own color; whatever makes tracking easiest for you.

The page allows you to track:

  • bathroom times
  • hygiene
  • food and drink
  • nap times
  • mood and pain levels
  • medication
  • activities

Each of these trackers are clearly laid out and easy to use.

A feature I find particularly helpful is the pain tracker. Every time my MIL was asked what her pain level was she would say, “a 7”. It didn’t matter where we were, what we were there for, or who we were talking to, it was always “a 7”. Having pictures like the ones on the care sheet helped her tremendously. She could simply point to how she felt rather than have to think of a number giving us a much more accurate representation of her pain level.

Also included in the file is a sheet for the caregiver to jot down extra notes, request additional supplies, or any notes you may have for the caregiver.

My Review of the Simple Daily Respite Care Sheet

The Simple Daily Respite Care Sheet is a “must-have” for any caregiver. Caregiving requires teamwork. You are working together with other caregivers, doctors, nurses, specialists, and a multitude of agencies. Using these care sheets allows for more seamless interaction as everyone is quite literally on the same page.

Even if you are not at a point where you have outside help, having these care sheets for yourself will go a long way in alleviating much of your stress. Rather than constantly second-guessing yourself you are able to swiftly refer to your daily care sheet to verify your caree’s goals are being met.

Not only is this care sheet easy to use, but it is also extremely easy to refer back to quickly so you can spot trends or track symptoms. This allows you to be proactive with your caree’s care and treatment rather than reactive.

No matter your caregiving circumstances, these care sheets will allow you to feel confident you have done everything in your power to ensure your caree’s health and wellbeing under every circumstance.

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