Why Every Homemaker Needs a Clothesline

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It seems like such a simple thing, a little old fashioned even but, it can offer much to your homemaking. Find out why every homemaker needs a clothesline.

About three years ago, I asked my husband to help me put up a clothesline. I was cloth diapering my daughter at the time and nothing gets the smell of urine from clothes better then good sunshine after a thorough washing. 
Well, my journey into cloth diapers didn’t last as long as I hoped but I never gave up on my clothesline.

Outside Time

With so many things inside calling for my attention, I can go an entire beautiful, sunshiney day without once setting foot outside. As someone who prefers the indoors, I have to be reminded or have a reason to get outside. 

My clothesline is that reminder.

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using a clothesline

As I’m hanging towels and sheets on the line, listening to the birds sing, feeling the wind ease the heat of the sun ever so slightly; it’s like a balm to my soul. Having just a few moments of quiet as I’m performing th repetitive task of hanging clothes rejuvenates me just enough to push forward and return to the melee awaiting me back inside.

Motivation to Finish

I don’t mind gathering laundry, putting it in the washing machine and moving it to the dryer but I have a mental block against folding it and putting it away. I have a theory as to why.
When you pull laundry out of the dryer, it comes out in one big clump. You’ve already gathered the dirty laundry, put it in the washing machine, moved it to the dryer. You’re exhausted! The idea of separating each article is daunting. It seems much more natural and a better use of your valuable time to just toss it in a basket for later. This is especially true if you’ve got more laundry headed for the dryer.

With a clothesline, the separation occurs early on, before the drying process. Making the task of folding seem like a more natural step. As I take each piece of laundry off the line, I fold it and put it in a basket.  I carry the basket to each room and put it away.

Saves Time, Money, and Resources

Because your clothes are all spread out across a clothesline, they take less time to dry.   This works really well for the items that take longer to dry in an electric dryer, like towels. 
Or bedsheets. 
Or giant comforters.

It saves you money, obviously on electricity, but also because you’re not wearing your clothes and linens out as quickly by machine drying.

Think about.
Lint has to come from somewhere right?
That’s your dryer slowly eating your laundry. Plus, your dryer itself will last longer with the reinforcement of nature. 

Homemaking Satisfaction

Finally, there’s much satisfaction in using a clothesline. You are left with that warm, cozy “I’m a homemaker” feeling. The smell of freshly, sun-dried laundry permeates through your home. It brings comfort to you and your family. 

But wait, there’s more!

Lest you doubt the power of a clothesline and the positive changes it can make to you, your family, and your homemaking here are three more reasons you should use a clothesline.

1. Exercise. Let me describe the clothesline exercise program.

  • Pull wet clothes from the washing machine.
  • Bend and lift a 10+ pound basket of wet laundry.
  • Bend at the knees to set the basket on the ground.
  • Stretch down to the basket, reach over the clothesline, pin, and repeat.

Just imagine the muscle strength you’re building! And, the tummy toning! All while doing housework!

2. Peace. You know how as a mom and caregiver you’re always searching for five minutes to yourself? The bathroom is a no-go. They always find you. No one follows you with a basket of laundry in your hands lest they be put to work.

3.  No ironing. Give your wet clothes a good shaking and pin strategically on your hems and you will almost entirely eliminate your need for ironing and/or starching (do people do that anymore?).

I challenge you to give it a try for a week. You won’t regret it!

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